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Effect of Drugs Under The Microscope by Sarah Shönfeld

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Summer 2k14 Giveaway
It’s giveaway time again! Yay! Honestly, this was supposed to be held like a month ago as a thank you for reaching 5k followers, but I’ve been lazy busy so it got pushed back a bit. 

To Enter: 1 Like + 1 Reblog for a total of 2 possible entries (no giveaway blogs, please).
Following: Not necessary, but always appreciated!
Shipping: International.
Ends: July 28th, 2014 at 11:59 PM EST.
The Prize Pack Includes:(1) OPI Coca-Cola 10 Pack of Style Mini Set(2) OPI Little Bits of Neon (6 Piece Mini Set)(3) Sally Hansen I ♥ Nail Art Studs Kit(4) A custom nail set*
* The nail spine will be hand painted with the design of your choosing. It can be a recreation of a design I’ve done previously (for example my Octopus or Overdose nails) or you can request a custom design! Pretty much anything goes, but I reserve the right to decline a request if I don’t have the materials or abilities to produce it.

Rules/Disclaimers: Following is not required.  /  No Giveaway blogs.  /  One Like and One Reblog count for a total of Two entries, additional reblogs will not count.  /  One winner will be selected using a random number generator.  /  Please have your askbox open so that I can contact you if you win. / If the winning party does not reply within 48 hours they will forfeit their prize and another winner will be chosen in the same manner.  /  The winning party must agree to allow me to announce their URL to show that this is a legitimate giveaway with a winner.  /  If you win, please be prepared to provide a shipping address.  /  Shipping is international.  /  Please check and be aware of your county’s protocols on the importation of cosmetics before accepting the prize as some countries do not allow it.  /  If shipped internationally, the package will be sent as a gift; if any duties or taxes are charged in relation to the package they are the responsibility of the winner.  /  While I hope everything goes smoothly, any damage to the prizes that occurs during the shipping process is not the responsibility of the blog.
Good Luck!

Last day to enter!

"Falling is just like flying, it’s just that there’s a more permanent destination" - Moriarty

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